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Chemistry for a sustainable world

Supply of raw materials and technical consulting for the polyurethane and powder coating market.


Does not matter your final application, we can cover your main needs of raw material needs for PU production and few unique solutions of the PU industry.

Powder coatings

Please check our complete resin portfolio for powder coating manufacturers .


Our team, with large experience at the PU & powder coating fields, provides consultancy and technical service under request at different levels.

Expert solutions


Wide range of versatile solutions for different industries 

Blowing agents

Flame retardants

Amine catalyst and chain extenders

Metal catalyst




Other PU & Resins intermediates

Expert solutions

Powder coatings

Each surface needs a coating solution

Polyester resins

Epoxy resins

Polyester based masterbatch resins

Polyesters for UV curing


What we do for you


Knowledge of the market

Our team has long experience in production companies in the sectors of our activity, we are stakeholders in your market.


Chemicals expertise

We advise you on the most recommended raw materials or the optimization of your production process.


Added value for your products

We know trends and what are coming to the industry. We can add value to your new products and services.


Wide range

Of high quality chemical raw materials for producers of polyurethanes and powder coating, within the European market. 


Quality and continuity

We are focus to supply with quality and continuity, from local stock point and with short delivery times.


Responsible chemical industry

We want to contribute to a responsible chemical industry that develops a sustainable society and environment.